About Us

What is Land Studio?

LAND Studio is a Landscape Architecture and Master Planning design firm dedicated to the creation of beautiful, sustainable, livable and timeless spaces that enrich the human experience.

Our belief

We believe that all spaces have stories that are rooted in its location, history, culture, use, and environment. Starting with a deep understanding of client and site specific needs, we are committed to the design and execution of spaces that respond to each site’s unique opportunities and constraints.

Our Projects

Our project types range from Private Estates, to Urban Plazas, Residential Complex Open Spaces, and Roof Gardens. Each of these project types and their respective sites’ offer a multitude of design challenges that are meticulously addressed throughout the design process.

Our Team

LAND Studio’s dedicated team utilize their collective experience and education in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Master Planning in order to provide clients with in-depth analyses, whole-systems methodologies, and creative design solutions. Our holistic approach to design has proven to be the anchor to the creation of spaces that evoke a sense of place, fit into the fabric of its location, and ultimately enhance the human experience.


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